Russell Stutely training

Russell Stutely is the Worlds No.1 Pressure Point Fighting Coach.

His systems are required learning at nearly 100 Police Academies with over 20,000 Security Officers per year, being certified in his systems.

He has helped 1000’s of people massively increase their Self Defense skills.

Russell Stutely Qualifications:

  • World Leader - Pressure Point Fighting
  • OCFM International Coach
  • PPDT International Instructor
  • Cop Tactics - Master Instructor
  • 6th Dan Karate Jutsu
  • 3rd Dan Ju Jitsu
  • Boxing Coach
  • Fighters Trainer

Russell has spent the last 20 years teaching his systems all over the Globe.

He has appeared on the Front Cover of the UK’s most prestigious Martial Arts Magazines on 4 occassions.

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Russell Stutely Productions
Woodland #902
St 330, BKK3
Phnom Penh, Cambodia


Manager: Mark Stutely

USA: 1 276 477 5513

UK: 0161 408 4523

Skype: ocfmcoach

E Mail:


Russell is the Worlds Leading Pressure Point Fighting Coach.

His systems are in use with nearly 100 Police Academies.

He has helped 1000’s of Martial Artists massively increase their skills – almost overnight.

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